Best Compact Film Camera – Reviews And Buying Guide 2020

You never get out of options about the cameras, whether the best compact film camera or a DSLR camera. Cameras will never disappoint you in the context of variety and innovation. A good point and shoot film camera can do wonders. From grasping the precision to holding the contextual adequacy, the best compact film camera will leave you awe-inspiring.

When we talk about the best autofocus film camera or the best vintage point and shoot camera, we know we ought to compromise on the budget for the ideal output. But there are still some models available which are considerably cheap point and shoot film camera.

Many people are not technically very well-acknowledged of the cameras, their specifications, and use. And some, on the other hand, are well aware and seek perfection. One way or another, we call it a process of utility and experience, but before that, the primary stage is selection.

At this prime stage, you will need expert assistance, and that is why we are here at your service. With professional experience of years, through research and scrutinizing all the expert reviews, we present this guide to make you a professional photographer and an expert of your own.

We chose 4 best compact film cameras with the best features and life span. But our review guide does not limit here but will allow you to learn all the necessary details one needs to know about the best compact film camera.

So, stay tuned!

What is a Compact Film Camera?

For beginners, we consider diving into the basic technical question of what is a compact camera. In simple words, a compact film camera is also known as point and shoot film camera or P&S as an abbreviation and is frame worked for single use.

All of the point and shoot film camera accompanies a built-in flash, an automatic system for maintaining the exposure options and focusing lenses which are autofocus or focus free.

The point and shoot camera film are by a long shot the top of the line sort of distinguishing camera, as unmistakable from the camera phones. They are mainstream for vernacular photography by individuals who don’t view themselves as picture takers however need simple to-utilize cameras for depictions of holidays, gatherings, reunions, and different occasions.

The good point and shoot film camera deals declined after around 2010 as cell phones surpassed them in such employments. To defeat market decline, minimized camera producers started making better quality variants and with a la mode metal body.

Types of film point and shoot camera or compact camera

  • The good low-end point and shoot film camera are like expendable cameras, yet they can be reloaded. These cameras have center free focal points, with fixed gaps. They might have a light meter. Most have a switch for propelling the film and positioning the screen, and a wrench for restoring the film to the canister for emptying. Due to the fixed openings, models with flash have no chance to get off controlling the exposure from the blaze. Along these lines, flash pictures must be taken inside a limited scope of good ways from the subject.
  • The advanced ad more developed models utilize programmed center and have variable openings. They all have light meters. Utilize electric motors to progress and rewind the film. They are significantly more flexible than the low-end models, likewise prone to have long-range focal points, further developed self-adjust frameworks, exposure frameworks with manual controls, bigger apertures, and more honed focal points. They may have different lights or pre-flash frameworks intended to diminish red-eye in streak pictures of individuals.
  • The compact superzoom cameras or travel zoom cameras have zoom up to 30x, still shorter zoom than current scaffold cameras, yet more minimized than massive DSLR-shape connect cameras, and both typically utilize 1/2.3 inches sensor.

4 Best Compact Film Camera

1.  Holga 120N Medium Format Film Camera with Ilford HP5 

  • 60mm f/8 Plastic Lens
  • Zone Focusing System
  • Shutter Speeds: 1/100 sec
  • Hot Shoe and Tripod Mount

Our top pick for the best compact film camera is Holga 120N film point and shoot camera. One of the most notorious cameras accessible, the Holga point and shoot film camera, is portrayed by the unique picture quality it can create, alongside its unobtrusive framework and insignificant controls.

Included here with a white completion, the Holga best small film camera is most popular for its standard-length 60mm f/8 plastic focal point. It creates a delicate, exquisite aesthetics, which is additionally highlight by the intrinsic vignetting.

The flash holes brought about by the plastic body and straightforward development. An option between f/8 or f/11, or “shady” and “radiant,” opening settings is accessible, alongside 1/100 sec.

On the other hand, bulb screen speed settings and a zone center framework for centering as close as 3 inches away. A tripod mount is fused into the base of this best small film camera for stable long introduction shooting, and a top hot shoe acknowledges discretionary electronic glimmers.

A camera intended to take the fun back to photography, the Holga compact 35mm film camera is an exemplary camera equipped for making some striking, yet naturally lo-fi photos.

The 120N compact 35mm film camera model acknowledges 120-position move film and incorporates both 6 x 4.5cm and 6 x 6cm supplements to record 16 or 12 exposures for every roll, individually. The film is physically best in class between shots utilizing the top twisting handle, with the edge movement checked to utilize the back red window.

2. Fujifilm Instax Mini 70 – ICY Mint Instax Mini 70 – Instant Film Camera

  • Tripod socket
  • 2 – Cr2 batteries
  • Selfie mode with a built-in selfie mirror
  • New Sleek streamlined design
  • Improved picture quality

Our runner up is the most stylish and versatile best compact film camera- the Fujifilm Instax Mini 70. This model is among the best compact film cameras and comes in cool mint shape to give not only a cool look but a freshness to eyes as well.

With the Instax smallest 35mm film camera, you can transform an ordinary day into an exceptional day loaded with grinning faces. For entertainment on occasions, convey the Instax best film cameras for street photography with you at whatever point and any place you go.

Appreciate taking selfies with Selfie Mode and the Self-Portrait Mirror of this best film camera for street photography! No more slip-ups, the smaller than expected 70 best point and shoot film camera under 100 catches splendid foundations just as brilliant subjects even in dull scenes.

You get the vibe at first glance that this smallest 35mm film camera is the one. Although Instax Mini is the smallest 35mm film camera, the size does not compromise on quality and efficiency. Moreover, this best compact film camera is really under budget. One cannot expect such a good point and shoot film camera in such an average budget.

So, it would be safe to say that this cheap point and shoot film camera is not only small in size but requires small expenditure as well. What else can one want? This is why we put this model on our review list because this one is hard to skip out.

3. Canon Sure Shot Tele 80 35mm Camera

  • 38/80mm dual focal length lens
  • Smart Autofocus
  • High Precision
  • automatic multifunction flash
  • automatic operation modes

Moving on, we have the best autofocus film camera, the Canon Sure Shot Tele 80. This best zoom point and shoot film camera is a fully automatic compact 35mm film camera with a perfect focal point. This versatile masterpiece comes with a built-in dual focal length lens of 38/80mm.

This best canon point and shoot film camera come with an enlarge easy view real image viewfinder for the easement of view even with glasses. You would fall in love with photography as a viewer and a photographer using this best canon point and shoot film camera.

The canon best autofocus film camera will give you a high precision point. And smart auto focus so that you do not miss any shot or get blur results. Any point and shoot camera film must have exceptional precision, so this high-quality film camera does not compromise on its features.

Canon is a name known among the best compact film cameras, and its quality and reliability made its name. Built-in automatic and multifunction flash are some significant features of this best film point and shoot camera cheap on pocket and hi-end on performance.

This best point and shoot film camera also come with red-eye reduction and easy mode dial for simplified selection of automatic operation modes, which makes it easy and simple to use. Also, the ratings of this masterpiece say it all. So do not miss out on the chance to grab this best compact film camera.

4. Olympus Stylus Epic Zoom 170 QD Date 35mm Camera

  • Fully automatic operation
  • intelligent variable-power flash
  • Extra-low dispersion (ED) glass lens
  • high-performance zoom lens

Our next best film point and shoot is Olympus Stylus 170QD camera, which is the most remarkable and highlight-filled model in the Stylus arrangement. The 38-170mm 4.5x fax long range focal point includes extra-low dispersion (ED) glass to diminish shading variation. And help give fresh, high-differentiate pictures.

The advance Autofocus System naturally switches among dynamic and inactive modes to convey a specific, precise focus. Completely programmed activity with self-adjust, presentation, film stacking, and rewinding are the functional specialization of this best autofocus film camera.

With the expansion of the Stylus Epic Zoom 170 QD camera to its famous Stylus line. Olympus has presented a few new highlights, including an incredibly ground-breaking 4.5x long range focal point.

It also accompanies extra-low dispersion (ED) glass focal point component that decreases shading variation. When the zooming focal point is completely expanded, and an advance self-adjust framework. The zoom likewise incorporates two aspherical focal point components for fresh, high-differentiate pictures.

The advance combination autofocus framework has a center range from 2.6 feet to boundlessness. And naturally switches among dynamic and passive modes to give you the clearest picture conceivable.


We are signing off here with the hope that our review list and buying guide would prove helpful. It is only a matter of good choice, and you can have your never-ending photography, which will inspire you and all others.

So, pick your best compact film camera from the list and enjoy photographing.

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What are the best point and shoot film camera?

Choose freely from the above review list; we picked the best models from you.

How long does 35mm film last undeveloped?

It can last for up to two years.

What is the best 35mm film camera to buy?

Olympus stylus is our personal favorite, but you can freely pick anyone from the above four as the best.

Are 35mm film cameras worth anything?

Compact 35mm film camera is worth buying as it comes under budget and numerous options with good quality and efficiency.

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