Best Point and Shoot Camera for Low Light – Buying Guide & Review 2020

Best point and shoot camera for low light could be a smart choice for a night event or in the heavy clouded weather. Generally, they provide potential shooting with quite an affordable package with less complicated features and are easy to use. The compact size makes it more convenient fit in the pocket.

What is a point and shoot camera?

A compact camera which is designed to be less complicated and used to perform single operations is actually a point and shoot camera. They are also referred as P&S abbreviation (point and shoot). You just need to point the lens on to the object you want to capture and press the capture or the shutter button.

When it comes to the best compact cameras for professional photographers, there are many options that are good low light and top rated point and shoot cameras. These cheap low light camera can be fully automatic with some advanced options and shooting modes.

You can find many kinds in professional point and shoot camera including superzooms, wifi point and shoot cameras, compact point and shoot cameras, basic point and shoot cameras, professional point and shoot camera, waterproof or rugged and advanced good low light camera.

Features to Look for in a Best Low Light Point and Shoot Camera

There are so many fascinating features in cameras. When we were conducting the research for point and shoot digital camera reviews, we have narrowed the important ones. These features includes:

Wireless Connectivity

The latest point and shoot camera reviews showed that cameras possesses a built-in feature of Wi-Fi in it, allowing direct connectivity to the hotspot. Not only to the Wi-Fi, some new models also established the connection for previewing of image to your smartphone or to the computer. The Near field communication (NFC) enables the camera that connects to perform the following sharing feature.

Mega Pixels

Good picture depends upon a good quality camera. It is generally conceived that the higher the number of megapixels, the better the image. That is actually not true. The sensor size contributes for providing the clarity in the images specifically in low condition of light.

It is suggested that if it is to shoot in the dim or low lightening condition is a priority, then the best point and shoot camera with biggest sensor for quality image. If going for zoomed shoots then go for the cameras with small sensor.


Considering different angles while shooting, zooming could be tricky as it becomes difficult in some cases whether to go for optical zoom or the digital zoom.

An optical zoom is when you zoom the lens manually before capturing the image. However, a digital zoom takes place when you crop the image while editing. A digital zoom is a compromise to the quality of your image. Many cameras offer optical zoom and digital zoom both features. If it is compulsory to use zoom feature then go for the optical zoom for more depth.

LCD Display

Now almost every camera offers this LCD feature. Still it plays a vital role to provide a premium quality image for point and shoot camera good in low light. The size that a best low light point and shoot camera or any other professional point and shoot camera is 3 inches. This helps to provide a better preview of the image.

Anti-Shaking and Image Stability

The best compact cameras for professional photographers prefers that camera which has the feature of image stabilization. This features contributes to the provide perfect in the low light. A slower shutter speed is being offered by some cameras for a sturdy and non-shaky image.

The other method to prevent shakiness is the optical image stabilization. It adjusts the lens at the time when the image is about to capture, whereas the sensor movement maintains the position.

The third feature that you find in some professional point and shoot camera is the digital image stabilization that works after capturing the shot like a cyber-shot camera.

Modes of Camera

Some best compact digital camera and best budget point and shoot camera offers variety of capturing modes. Many among them offers automatic shooting that helps the photographer to capture the image itself. Another mode is known as shutter mode that allows to capture 3, 5 and 10 pictures with a single click.

Face Recognition

In the point and shoot camera reviews, we have come to know about a feature that is known as face recognition. In this feature, the camera detects the face itself, locks the focus and captures at the right movement.

Similarly, a smile feature also works the same way. This features of point and shoot camera good in low light perfectly as it recognizes the smiling face and capture spontaneously. This feature is now also found in smartphones.

Here are some features that are the must have when looking for the best point and shoot camera for low light and zoom. These utilizes are perhaps the essentials somehow for the top rated point and shoot cameras.

Top Best Point and Shoot Camera for Low Light

1. Olympus Tough TG-6 Waterproof Camera ( Editor’s Pick)

  • Marco Lens
  • Ultra Compact
  • Waterproof
  • Shock and dustproof
  • F 2.0 high resolution

This is one best camera for low light action shots. It is crush proof with 100kgf and freeze proof with 14 degrees of Fahrenheit temperature allowing it to be fog proof as well.

The high resolution and the 8x maximum zoom provides a true pic VIII. It comes with back illuminated CMOS Image sensor. The macro lens allow 4 different macro shooting modes with the magnified shooting without compromising the quality of the picture.

Waterproof feature makes it the best camera for low light photography and allows 5 shooting modes underwater. This camera is able to provide 120 full HD and 4K movie with the recording speed of 20s maximum.

2. Panasonic Lumix DC-ZS70K (Economic One)

  • Telephoto lens
  • Allows automatic and manual focus
  • Has a 20.3 Mp lens
  • Barrel mounted lens
  • 4K QFHD recording for video

This camera comes with MOS sensor plus along with 30x Leica DC Vario Elmar lens which is 24-720mm. The optical image stabilizer which is Plus 5 axis Hybrid feature prevents the shakiness.

Moreover, it has eye sensor that adjusts in outdoors or sun for clear preview. This best compact camera for low light allows 166k dot electronic view finder EVF. Also, Panasonic Lumix allow the user to record a video with 4K and provides exclusives 4K images as well with the internal built-in focus stacking feature.

These wifi point and shoot cameras have front flip at 180 degree. The touch screen makes taking selfies with a camera more simplified.

3. Canon PowerShots (Budget friendly)

  • 12x Optical Image Stabilizer
  • Built-in Wifi and NFC
  • 20.2 Megapixel
  • Able to work in 0 to 40 degree Celsius
  • Has 3.0 inches LCD

This is a best budget point and shoot camera that allows flexible capturing image with the 12x optical zoom and optical image stabilizer. You can easily transfer data with its NFC and built-in Wifi feature.

The resolution of its LCD is 5184 x 3888 for easy viewing for every angle. With the 20.2 Mp and DIGIC 4+ image provide high quality images and videos with 1080p video. It establishes connection directly with compatible printers, has Hi speed USB and HDMI port.

Canon PowerShot is able to work in 0 to 40 degree Celsius temperature condition and 10 to 90 % under humid weather. The turn off for this camera is that it does not allow the zoomed view for video recording.

The auto-hybrid feature records a small video of 4 seconds before capturing the image that makes it moving picture. Itself it provide creative shot mode that automatically edits the images accordingly that gives the image a unique edited flair.

Image stabilization prevents shakiness. For excellent results, deactivate the background running features like macro shot for quality pictures and also it saves the battery life.

4.  Sony DSCW800/B (Cheap one)

  • F3.2 (W) – 6.4 (T) Maximum Aperture
  • Allows 720p HD video
  • Prevents Blur image
  • Optical Zoom up to 5x
  • Wide angle lens

This camera falls in the category of cheap low light camera. It offers a non-shaky image as it has the feature of image stabilization. Super HAD CCD provide detailed images with the blink detection feature.

Sony provides 360 angled panorama image feature with the HD quality up to 720p. You can get the image in JPEG and videos in motion jpeg format. It also allows to set manually the scene mode according to the requirement.

The built-in flash and face detection feature contributes for better results. The 2.7 inches of LCD display comes with the resolution of 230K dots to provide good quality preview. It works with a recharge lithium-ion battery placed next to the memory card slot.

Types of Camera

Cameras are available in variety of types. The digital cameras are able to provide professional quality images. Some of the cameras except the best point and shoot camera for low light includes:

  • Compact Cameras
  • Zoom Compact Cameras
  • Advanced Cameras Compact
  • Adventuring Camera

Compact Camera

These compact cameras are actually the best point and shoot camera with biggest sensor. They are in-expensive and are ideal for amateur photographers. The compact size and light weight makes it handier. Some important features include LCD display, built-in flash and zoom lens.

Zoom Camera

These kind of cameras are the best advanced point and shoot camera as they come with the more powerful zoom lens. They don’t allow an interchangeable lens and ranges from 28-300 mm.

Advanced Camera

Such cameras are for those who want to customize their images themselves. It allows manual focusing and is user friendly.

Adventure Camera

These cameras are the best point and shoot camera for travel. The adventure cameras are manufactured to be waterproof and shock-absorbent. They are small in size but are able to produce high-resolution images with the versatile features.

Why to buy a point and shoot camera?

Camera in a smartphone has made it more convenient to capture the moments. Here the question arises why should I buy a point and shoot camera then? The point and shoot cameras and good low light camera has been replaced by the smartphone cameras for the decade.
With the passage of time, they have become way neater better which unfortunately took place of many compact model of the best point and shoot camera.

Although it happed but there are two main benefits for having compact point and shoot cameras over having the smartphone camera. A camera is capable of providing a zoomed lens or you can say a larger sensor and able to pack 30x to 125x zoom while remaining compact or with a large structured body.

The second advantage for having a best advanced point and shoot camera has a large image sensor as compared to the smartphone. That implies a good quality image, enhances depth and control and able to blur the background of the image and most importantly a point and shoot camera works perfectly in low or dim lighting conditions.

What is the Difference between a Point and Shot Camera and a DSLR?

The point and shoot cameras and the DSLR are two kinds and possesses differences. The main differences between DSLR and Point and Shoot cameras includes

  • The point and shoot cameras are small and compact in size than DSLRs
  • DSLR cameras are heavy as compared to the point and shoot cameras
  • DSLR performs better in low lightening conditions using ISO
  • The point and shoot camera is unable to blur the background whereas a DSLR can
  • DSLR is way expensive than a point and shoot camera
  • A P&S camera has a fixed lens, the zoomed one but a DSLR allow you to attach the lens of your choice according to your need
  • The point and shutter cameras has small image sensors and DSLRs have a large image sensor
  • DSLR can provide a better resolution but could be a bit complicated whereas a P&S camera is easy to use and handy
  • Another good feature that gives a plus point to DSLR is that it faster as compared to the point and shoot camera

Closing Notes

Smartphones have taken the place of cameras evidently but there are still some moments that an ordinary phone camera fails to capture. This article would be quite informative for the photographers who are in the learning process.

A point and shoot camera is an intelligent choice at that time. These are the best point and shoot camera for low light and zoom that can provide perfect results in the night or where the light is not proper.

Here, you will find the best point and shoot camera for low light covering all the ranges and latest features along with the buying guide. Enjoy preserving your moments.

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Q: What is the best compact camera for low light?

A: There are many best point and shoot camera for low light that are available in the market. These cameras include fixed-lens, the compact cameras. The companies and the models that are the best cheap low light camera includes Sony RX-1, Canon 6D and Nikon D600.

Q: Which compact camera is best for low light?

A: The compact cameras are the best point and shoot camera under 200. The cheap low light camera possesses all the required features that the best low light compact camera must have. Canon, Sony, Linux and Nikon are the producers of best point and shoot camera.

Q: Are point and shoot cameras better than iPhone?

A: The point and shoot cameras provide an enhanced image sensors with the optical zoom, the feature of image stabilization, flash and other features that proved them as the best compact cameras for professional photographers. Whereas an iphone and other smartphones although provide an average quality image.

Q: What is the best inexpensive point and shoot camera?

A: The best point and shoot camera under 200 includes Sony Cyber-Shoot W800 and W830, Canon Power Shot Elph 190, Panasonic Lumix DMC-TS30 and Kodak cameras.

Q: What point and shoot camera do professional photographers use?

A: The best compact cameras for professional photographers uses Nikon Z, Fujifilms X100F, Panasonic Lumix, Olympus Tough TG-5 and many other point and shoot cameras.

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