Best Tripod for Vlogging – Buying Guide & Review 2020

Vlogging is a mainstream trend now a day featuring emerging talent. For some, it is a source of entertainment and time pass while for others this activity is a revenue-generating mean. One way or another, one must-have for vlogging is the best tripod for vlogging.

Whether you are an amateur or a professional, you cannot deny the importance of a tripod stand for blogging or vlogging alike. Vlogging is an art that takes some serious effort for some exceptional output. You cannot just hold the camera in your hand while making a video and shooting at the same time. A tripod for video camera is required to assist you at any cost.




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  • Height: 74″

  • Sections: 3

  • Pan range: 360°

  • 180°Rotation Head

  • 360°Rotatable Phone Holder

  • Selfie stick

  • Bluetooth Remote

  • Gopro Adapter

  • 360°Rotatable

  • 360° panning head

  • 3K Stand

  • Rubberized rings

Now, the question arises, which best vlogging tripod to go for? There are different types of a tripod for video cameras owing to its varying specification. We, in this buying and review guide for the best tripod for vlogging, have managed to cover an in-depth analysis and reviews about tripods along with some complimentary guide on vlogging.

Options usually trap us in an indecisive situation, mostly when we have a lot on the plate. On the contrary, when you have a narrow down criterion of selection, you tend to choose quick and right. That is why we have come up with 4 best tripod for vlogging, narrowing down your options presenting the cream of the cake.

Before we move on to our rundown for the best vlogging tripod, let’s dive a little into the general information for an overall view.

What does Vlog Stand For?

Vlog is an acronym or abbreviation which stands for ‘Video Log’. Derived from this word is the term vlogging, which is a social media activity in which people make videos and post on a daily or weekly basis in a series of forms. As the term itself represents, vlog includes video content unlike blogging, which is why it is commonly called a video log.

The purpose behind vlogging varies from person to person. Some people make vlogs to educate the masses on some enlightening issue or topic, while others make vlogs for entertainment. But it is usually observed that these vlogs do contain some underlying message, that is why this activity is highly acknowledged.

Why do Photographers Use Tripods?

Since a tripod keeps your camera totally still, you won’t need to stress over any development that will cause camera shake. That is particularly significant with focal points that may enhance camera shake, for example, zooming focal points and large scale focal points when utilized with low distances to shoot blossoms.

A tripod permits you to catch a more drawn out exposure by utilizing a slower screen speed of as long as a few seconds. This assists in limiting the danger of any movement. While catching a far away exposure the utilization of a tripod will permit substantially more light to enter the camera than would be conceivable in the event that you were snapping a photo handheld.

Is a Tripod Really Necessary?

A tripod will decrease camera movement and improves picture quality, helping you take the ideal dawn or nightfall. Tripods are not ideal for holding cameras only; they can hold camcorders and furthermore fill in as a light stand that holds streak units, slaves, and reflectors.

A tripod will allow you to take better photographs when there isn’t a lot of light accessible. In these circumstances, without a tripod, your camera will make up for the absence of light by diminishing the screen speed and speeding up which will probably bring about a foggy as well as a grainy photograph if you are holding your camera.

Types of Tripods

Categorically, tripods are divided into various typer under two main divisions; types as per body and types as per the head. The basic types include:

  • Monopod
  • Tripod
  • Pocket
  • Tabletop
  • Portable
  • Medium Duty
  • Studio or Sturdy duty

The types of heads are:

  • Gimbal head
  • Video-pan head
  • Fluids head
  • Panoramic head
  • Pistol grip head
  • Ball head


4 Best Tripod for Vlogging

1. Tripod, COMAN KX3636 74 inch Video Tripod System

Our top pick is the versatile best tripod for point and shoot camera which also allows you to hold a camcorder as well. We chose this as our top best, not only for its incredible features but also for the incredible reviews and impressive ratings.

Nothing can block your scenery with this best budget fluid head tripod. This is among the best travel video tripods which would enhance your vlogging experience. The KX3 budget fluid head tripod frameworks heavy-duty professional aluminum twin tubes with adjustable angles.

Tripod legs can be balanced in three degrees of opening point to balance out on differing grounds and grade levels. This best tripod for point and shoot camera exhibits flexible adjustment, having 3-area section legs with speedy discharge sliding permits you to change the working range from 33” to 74′ right away.

This best vlogging tripod incorporates separate locks for the dish and tilts works, an inherent air pocket level marker, which helps in adjusting the horizon line and an apparatus are driven focus segment

The sliding fast discharge plate with a standard 1/4″- 20 mounting screw on the top, and an extra 3/8″ screw is included with this best budget fluid head tripod. The skillet bar handle, with the precise change, fits on both left and right of the head for helpful client control.

  • Leg Material: Aluminum
  • Sections: 3
  • Max. Operating Height: 74″ / 1880mm
  • Min. Operating Height: 33″ / 845mm
  • Tilt range: -75° to +90°
  • Pan range: 360°
  • Quick release plate

2. Emart 51 inch Extendable Selfie Stick & Tripod Stand

As our runner up, we are including the best budget tripod for dslr video or any camera for the beginners and professionals alike. The amazing features of this best cheap tripod for dslr will make you fall in love with this. Its low price is not at all compensatory of features in any way.

This best tripod for beginners comes with an ultra extendable 51 inches rod for abling to capture a broader view. The Emart is one of the most affordable tripods for dslr, yet qualified enough to be taken as the best. The most interesting thing of this best budget tripod for dslr video is that it comes with a Bluetooth remote for android and IOS for an extremely user-friendly experience.

The EMART best cheap tripod for dslr is a very smart choice for vlogging or even for occasions covering. This masterpiece is reliable enough and comes in a sturdy material of heavy-duty aluminum. This best tripod for vlogging is a dual package with a selfie stick for capturing photos of yourself and your family.

If you have just entered the arena of vlogging and looking for a cheap choice to start with, then EMART best vlogging tripod would be a perfect choice. This model can turn your experience worth utilizing and enjoying in a constrained budgetary value.

  • 180°Rotation Head
  • 360°Rotatable Phone Holder
  • Ultra Extendable 51 inches
  • Selfie stick
  • Wireless Bluetooth remote
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Sections: Three

3. Linkcool Octopus Tripod with Wireless Remote 

Flexibility is something which we ought to have in every sphere of life. To give you a little more flexibility we present you the ultra-flexible Linkcool Octopus Tripod. This best flexible tripod for dslr is the ultimate tool you need to have for the exquisite vlogging or photography experience.

You can literally bend, fold, or twist the legs of this best flexible tripod for dslr, as per your comfort level and of course the right angle. Whether you are on an adventurous vlogging trip in the woods or cruising around in your car, this best flexible tripod for gopro will not let you down and can easily adjust anywhere.

You can wrap it up around a tree branch or bend it to fit on a table, this best tripod for vlogging will never stop impressing you. The Linkcool can hold any smartphone whether it is android or iPhone and it can also hold video DSLR camera with weight less than 2kg.

Linkcool Octopus is one of the best travel video tripods ready to be your best companion on the go. This best flexible tripod for dslr also accompanies wireless Bluetooth remote for full control. Its features rightly conform to its selection among the best travel video tripods.

  • Universal Clip
  • Bluetooth Remote
  • Gopro Adapter
  • Sections: Three
  • 360°Rotatable Phone Holder

4. Joby JB01507 GorillaPod

Joby JB01507 GorillaPod is another favorite pick that can also be used as a handheld tripod for dslr. This best mini tripod for mirrorless and dslr camera is the perfect vlogging partner. GorillaPod holds to branches and more for boundless points and exceptional perspectives.

GorillaPod handheld tripod for dslr keeps your camera level and stable on any surface. Capture exceptional shots from ground level to high up in an apparatus, with one simple to set tripod that fits in practically any sack or rucksack.

This best mini tripod for mirrorless camera and dslr is sufficiently light to carry all over the place and sufficiently able to take care of business. Joby best vlogging tripod highlights a 360° panning bed and a 90° tilt and air pocket level for ideal position control. You can utilize the inherent air pocket level for ideal shots in picture or scene mode.

  • 360° panning head
  • 90° tilt
  • Rubberized rings
  • GripTight PRO Mount
  • 3K Stand

Things to Consider

Following factors are to be considered while buying the best tripod for vlogging:

  • Type- Mono or Tri- Tripods are more reliable and efficient
  • Section- Go for the one with 3 sections
  • Head type- Fluid heads are usually best for beginners
  • Flexibility- is necessary to adjust to different locations
  • The material- robust material framework should be preferred
  • Portable- portability is another important factor
  • Budget- consider your budget frame but do not compromise on the quality


Having done our side of the job by compiling this thorough review and buying guide for the best tripod for vlogging, we are now signing off. We did our best to keep under consideration the quality ad budget factors while choosing the best travel video tripods for you. All the tripods included in the rundown are the best of their kind and will enhance your vlogging experience. Also, these models are reasonable enough even with such amazing highlights.

So, why wait now? Go and grab your favorite pick and rock your vlogging experience.

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At what shutter speed should you use a tripod?

The slower the shutter speed, the steadier and poise will your image is. So, recommendable shutter speed is 1 focal length.

Do you need a tripod for portraits?

Yes, tripods are equally essential for portrait shots as they are for scenic shots.

How much does tripod cost?

A tripod may cost as low as 20$ and as high as 300$. It all depends on your requirements. A budget-friendly tripod easily provides you with the necessary features and good support.

Which tripod is best for mobile?

Pick any one from the above list as the best tripod for your mobile. We chose the best models for you.