Mini spy camera with audio and video recording – Review & Guide 2020

You cannot trust any in your home now days. For added and inexpensive protection, it is important that you own a mini spy camera with audio and video recording. Most people tend to get nannies for their kids, it is mandatory for you to keep an eye on them. This can easily be done through a hidden mini camera. Furthermore, there is an increased rate of robberies inside houses, so this wireless spy camera for android phone will also act as an added security from terrible events. To make the whole buying process easy for you we have organized all the things you need to consider before buying the perfect camera, along with the process of setting it up.




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  • Motion avtivation

  • 12 MP image

  • 200mAh

  • 4MP -HD

  • Wifi 

  • Motion detection 

  • Wi-Fi

  • 1080 px

  • Motion only

  • wifi

  • AC/ DC 

  • 1080 px

What features have to be considered before buying a spy camera audio and video recording?

Video resolution

Resolution is basically the amount of data that a spy camera lens can capture and it is measured in pixels. More pixels in a wireless spy camera with audio will mean a smoother and more realistic video.  A higher resolution mini surveillance camera for home will give a much bigger output for pictures even on a big screen, along with a very clear quality.

It enables precise zooming and allows you to take clean screenshots of videos. It also acknowledges small details such as color and the lighting conditions. Lastly, a better resolution video is better for sharing on social media.

Night vision

Hidden security cameras with audio and night vision abilities are the best as it increases the whole security aspect.  This means that the camera will be able to capture videos even in low light and in some conditions, no light at all.

To have this ability, these small video recording devices to spy should be equipped with the right sensors including image sensors and infra-red lights to illuminate within darkness.  These infra-red laminations work in a certain way where they are not visible to a human eye but can capture everything happening in the night clearly.

Motion detection

Mini wireless security camera systems work best if they have motion detection within the restricted premises. The camera stays at a standby mode and whenever motion is detected, it starts working.

Wall clock surveillance cameras with audio recording capability usually send an alert through emails or texts on the registered numbers.  The camera stops recording once the motion disappears, however every instance of motion is recorded and saved.

This feature is really important for outdoor motion activated spy cameras that work with batteries as it saves up power and uses it in time of need. It is easier to get video of specific times back and it also saves a lot of memory space.

Internet connection compatibility

There are a lot of small hidden cameras with audio that work solely on Wi-Fi connections.  After being connected, the user makes an account on their mobile and star receiving updates instantly. The video footage can be accessed from anywhere around the world.

The whole set up process is quick and there is no need for installation processes. A wireless motion activated spy camera that works on internet will be accessible through many devices and locations, along with cloud storage availability.

Memory and storage space

A commendable mini full hd camera and voice recorder is bound to have large memory capacity. Although, memory is not an issue for hidden wifi camera with audio, the stand alone ones have to make use of SD cards. The larger the memory space, the more will the card fill up.

You would have to constantly change the card or delete other videos to free up space for the new upcoming videos that are being recorded.  Some security cameras with audio and video have built in SD cards that retain memory.

Battery and blending

Even the world’s smallest night vision security camera is supposed to have a good battery life. A camera can either be battery [powered or mains powered, depending on what type it is. one of the best cameras is a portable spy camera that record for hours because it has a rechargeable battery.

The wireless spy camera for android phone should  made up of high quality durable material. If you plan on exposing the camera to different weathers, even rain, make sure it is waterproof and can withstand extreme weather conditions.

Top 4 best mini spy camera with audio and video recording

1. Spy Camera Wireless Hidden Camera with Audio


  • Alert type- motion activation
  • Brand- GEELION
  • Video capturing resolution- 3 MP
  • Power source- battery powered
  • Image resolution- 12M
  • Battery capacity- 200mAh

GEELION gives a perfect spy kit motion detector camera fit for all security purposes. It has a 23 millimeter cube camera that is compact and can be carried around easily. This wireless nanny cam with audio allows you take pictures and videos anywhere you want and it can fit over your collar or shirt as well.

It is a commendable security camera with audio recording as it uses high quality optical glass with a multi layering technology. This particular technology allows it to take instant, stable pictures and make precise videos.

As one of the best hidden security cameras with audio, it supports 1080p and 720p formats and they can used even while it is on charging.  The outdoor camera silently captures motion and activates all its sensors for recording and the recording stops as soon as the motion goes away.

This feature restricted to the cameras angle view and this  mini spy camera with audio and video recording also supports loop or camera cyclic recordings. As a part of outdoor motion activated spy cameras, it has been laced with night vision as well which means it has 6 pcs IR LED lights. The 16 GB micro SD card ensures a large storage capacity.

What we like
  • The one year warranty is bonus point.
  • It can support maximum storage capacities.
  • It supports 140 degree angle view.
  • Accompanied by a USB cord.

2. Amcrest 4MP UltraHD Indoor WiFi Camera


  • Alert type- audio and motion detection
  • Wireless communication technology- Wi-Fi
  • Brand- amcrest
  • Video capture resolution- 4mp HD

Here we have the perfect wifi spy camera for android, especially because it gives a magnificent experience with the 4mp HD video resolution. More ground covered by the extra wide 90 degree viewing angle along with the remote pan and tilt. It is one of the best security cameras with audio and video because it can cover up to 32 feet by the night vision ability.

Any time any sound or motion detect, an email or a text message send to the owner so that they can check in for intruders. Moreover, this hidden wifi camera with audio can automatically track and record moving objects through its auto tracking mode.

Privacy is ensure whenever you turn on the privacy mode. This spy camera with audio and night vision lets you record directly into a 256 GB SD card for maximum storage availability and you can get a live view through all the mainstream web browsers.

You also have a video back up available in case all the data is lost.  It is possible to directly store the videos off site into a third party location. This way you can access the old footages anywhere, anytime in the world.

This mini full hd camera and voice recorder has two way audio with a built in mc and speaker along with high efficiency video coding.

What we like
  • Has a 16 digital zoom
  • The two way audio is a plus point
  • Wi-Fi connectivity helps in the ease of work.

3. AICCOOM Home Security Camera


  • Alert type- motion only
  • Wireless communication technology- Wi-Fi
  • Brand- AICCOOM
  • Video capturing resolution- 1080p
  • Power source- corded electric

Here we have a commendable spy kit motion detector camera by AICCOOM that has proven to be very useful. UHD quality images are delivering, making the whole experience even better. T has a two way audio with a speaker and a built in microphone in case any communication needs to be done. The speaker has been laced with anti-noise technology to omit any extra noise. As one of the best mini wireless security camera systems, it has advanced night vision with 8 built in infra-red LED beads that extend the viewing by 3 meters and protect your house even during nights.

The wifi connection allows you to receive updates in case any unusual motion detect to alert you and it also supports customized motion detection zones. False alarms can avoided if you adjust the motion sensibility in the settings.  This wireless spy camera with audio has equipped with 32 mm lens and has a wide viewing angle for an easier experience.  It can support up to 256 GB SD card and the videos can be saved in this card easily. Multi user experience is support by this wifi spy camera for android which means around 20 people use it at the same time.

What we like
  • It can record 24/7.
  • It supports wifi connections.
  • There are multiple storage options.

4. OUCAM Mini Hidden-Camera WiFi-Spy Camera


  • Alert- motion type
  • Wireless communication technology- wifi
  • Brand- OUCAM
  • Video capturing resolution- 1080p
  • Power source- AC and DC battery

Oucam brings us one of the best small video recording devices to spy with a diameter of 1.55 inch and height of 0.66 inch. It has 150 degrees of field view and it can easily connect to a cloud network router. This security camera with audio recording can easily viewed through your phones and its battery lasts for a total of 1.5 hours. You will have to charge it by using a power bank in case you take it out. It has an upgraded intelligent motion detection alarm and its sensor sensitivity can adjusted between three levels for your comfort.

This will also increase security and prevent false alarms. Moreover, this wireless motion activated spy camera also features 6 infra-red IR lights that play a role in the night vision availability. The night vision feature is activate on its own. It has a 24/7 loop recording ability after inserting the SD card and incase the battery runs out, the videos will automatically be saved in the card. Its free app allows you to access the live footage anywhere, anytime. This mini surveillance camera for home also allows 15 people to access the live footage at the same time.  The four working modes give the user a commendable experience as the footages will be available in every possible way.

What we like
  • It has 8 invisible lamp beads.
  • The night vision turns on automatically.
  • It has a wide angled view.

How to set up a hidden camera?

Firstly, you need to find the perfect spot for your hidden camera.  You should look for potential spots where it is the most needed and where it will cover the view without any hindrances. Moreover, the camera should camouflage easily.  After this, look for the best suited surveillance cameras with audio recording capability for you.  There are various models with multiple features available in all shapes and sizes.  Some even come disguised as everyday objects so choose carefully.  Pay attention to the details e.g. the video resolution and the night vision modes.

You can hide mini spy camera with audio and video recording in either flowering pots or y using foliage. After choosing one of the best small hidden cameras with audio, you will see if it works with battery or adapters. There is no proper wiring required sometimes. Also see if its wifi connected or not, this will help you in determining where to access the footages.  These cameras are very easy to use and require no practice. All you need to do is fix them on their hiding spots and access the footage whenever needed. The rest is carry out by the cameras themselves.


In conclusion, even the world’s smallest night vision security camera will work well if its connection and the hiding spots are perfect. You need to carefully examine and determine all the points you need covered so that there is ease of use. It is favorable to choose a spy camera audio and video recording through wifi because this prevents a lot of extra hassle.  We hope you find the best suited camera for your needs!

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